Call for Abstracts

Call for abstracts for the session Law and Complexity, CCS16

September 20th 2016, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

This satellite session of the 2016 Conference on Complex Systems will establish a dialogue between complex systems scientists and legal scholars. How does complexity science help shed light on the dynamics and functions of law? How do legal theories help us understand how structure and regularity emerge in complex systems? These questions are of central scientific importance for the study of social systems. They are also of great importance today, as several crises, such as the ecological crisis, as well as large economic shifts, such as the rise of the information economy, require new legal thinking.

We seek contributions on the following topics:

  • What is Law and how does it structure societal interactions?
  • Parallels between the role of laws in society and the role of information in biology
  • What are the mechanisms by which legal systems maintain themselves and evolve?
  • How can legal systems help maintain political stability in the face of rapid societal changes?
  • What new approaches to law could improve the governance of environmental systems and information/innovation systems?

Organizers: Marion Dumas, SFI, USA and Aernout Schmidt, Leiden University, The Netherlands

Keynote speakers: Gillian Hadfield, University of South Carolina and Scott Page, University of Michigan (to be confirmed)

Submission Guidelines:

The deadline for submitting an abstract is July 5th. You can submit your abstract here. Abstracts should be maximum 600 words.